Hidden iPhone Tricks you didn’t know!


Could you control your iPhone by turning your head? Or just shake to undo typos ? Apple added hundreds of features with each major update and that include the last one – iOS 7 .Here are just a few of the things you’ve likely missed along the way.

1) Control your phone with a head turn
With this new feature called Switch Control you can use a special control option that lets you use tilts of your head to perform various functions. Switch Control is designed to help users with limited motor function. It’s very easy to use and once the feature’s set up you can use it to selecting an item, calling up Notifications or changing the volume.
To try it: Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Switch Control -> Switches , choose a Left or Right Head Movement. Pick an action for that movement.After that toggle “Switch Control” to the “on” position

2) Create Reminders Based on Your Location
You are traveling now ,but get a critical email . Your paperwork is in your home. What Should You Do? . Just set a Reminder to reply when you get home. Or just set up to tell you to get milk when you enter the supermarket or leave work. It’s easy.

To try it: Launch Reminders . After that create a new item or select an existing one. Tap the “i” icon, toggle on “Remind me at a location” and choose “Location.” Then type in an address or search a business.

3) Set The LED Flashlight For Alerts
It’s very useful option in loud environments where you can hearing phone’s alerts and alarms to use blinking LED alerts.
To do this: From Settings -> General -> Accessibility, select “LED Flash for Alerts”

4) Shortcut To Zoom Screen, Invert Colors and More
Just with three home button clicks you can easy call Invert Colors (for better visibility), Zoom (to enlarge parts of the screen) , AssistiveTouch ( for common features, apps and settings ) or Switch Control.
From: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut, select one or more features . After triple-click the home button, you’ll be have access to them .

5) Set FaceTime Audio-Only Calls
To save some plan’s minutes you can use FaceTime audio calls over Wi-Fi. : Launch the FaceTime, Phone or Contacts app. Choose a contact . Now look for the phone icon in the FaceTime section. Tap that to place the FaceTime audio call.

6) Take Pictures with Volume Buttons
It is a really handy alternative to take pictures, especially in the winter when gloved fingers can’t engage touch screens.
To try this: From Camera app, hit either the Up or Down Volume button to engage the shutter and snap a photo. To take a several shots, push and hold it.

7) Shake to undo
Do you ever wonder how to recover deleted emails ? It’s a very easy step and it’s not a button, but a physical gesture.
To try it: To get back a deleted email, you could shake that phone in the air . You’ll see “undo” feature. You can easy this for messages in Twitter, Messages, Reminders and several other apps. To call “redo” option , just give it another shake .

8) Block Calls and Texts From Specific People
You can easy block specific people from contacting them.
To try it: Open the contact info of the person you want to block, scroll to the bottom for the “block” button. In case you not have a contact card for them saved on your phone, open Messages or Phone, scroll to a recent text or call and tap the “i” icon to block the person.

9) Shortcuts To Add Emoji
iOS has a special keyboard for Emoji icons, but you have to switch to it, select Emoji and switch back. To create shortcuts of frequently used emoticons try this: Choose Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. Back out to the main Keyboard screen, select “Shortcuts” and tap the “+” sign to add a new one. After that when the keyboard comes up, switch to Emoji (click on the globe icon), and select a character to go in the “Phrase” field. Return to the English keyboard and add text to the “Shortcut” field. So when you type that shortcut, the Emoji will appear.