Top 5 Fm car Transmitter for iPhone and iPod


With FM transmitters you can connect easy your iPhone or iPod into your car and transmits the audio to car stereo through a FM signal . If you already went through 5-6 FM transmitters and still looking for a FM transmitter with superb sound quality check out our list with best fm transmitters.

GOgroove FlexSMART X2

This is one of the best selling FM transmitters for the iPhone. It using bluetooth connection to your phone rather than a cord.
Also have volume control, play settings, and phone controls. The sound quality for music seems to be very good and automatically finds clearest the FM station . GOgroove FlexSMART X2 also lets you charge your device and improved voice detection allows you to make and receive phone calls through car speakers. Check price on Amazon

– Bluetooth FM transmitter with Charging
– Hands-Free Calling
– Music Control
– 3 year warranty

SANOXY FM Transmitter

SANOXY FM Transmitter offers you to talk to anyone through your car’s speaker system . A USB interface reads and plays music through your phone and you can charge and listen to music at the same time. With the remote you can easy browse and play your music. It also features an adjustable cigarette lighter which lets you mount your device and keeps it secure and sturdy when driving. Check price on Amazon

– Plays music and answers phone calls
– High powered FM transmitter
– Include a remote control and holder

Grantwood Technology FM Transmitter

With this transmitter you can play any audio on your mobile device through your car stereo.The sound is great, small size , nice price. The frequency range is 87.6MHz – 107.9MHz . It also contains a USB charging port and can charge the same device that is playing the audio . Check price on Amazon

– Play audio through your car stereo
– Charge your mobile device
– Transmission Range is up to 30 ft ( 10 m)

Monster RadioPlay 300

Monster RadioPlay 300 lets you play your portable audio tunes through your cars FM radio wirelessly. It also have three digital memory presets allows fast and convenient access. LED screen display lets you select your favorite station presets in your car, day or night. Check price on Amazon

– It’s full spectrum (88.1 to 107.9)
– LED screen display
– Have 3 digital presets for fast and convenient access
– Easily tune to different stations

3.5mm In-car Wireless Fm Transmitter

This FM Transmitter can transmit any frequency between 87.5 and 108.0 MHz. It’s a very light ,small and portable. Also has an internal rechargeable battery and can transmit while recharging. Check price on Amazon

– Car/iPhone FM Transmitter
– LCD backlight display