High-tech at low-cost gadgets


Not always, top high-tech gadgets should be the most expensive ones.Well, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cost several hundred dollars , but there have many interesting gadgets at a lower price. Check some of them.

Phillips Hue lightbulbs

If you wich to build a smarter, more connected home Philips Hue Connected Bulb can help you to reach your goals. These lightbulbs were released last year, but remain popular on the market. Three Hue light bulbs at Amazon $199

Pogoplug Safeplug

Are you looking for safe, secure, anonymous web browsing from any device ?SafePlug is “privacy in a box” that gives you that. Just log in and watch how all tracks get lost. Safeplug – $50


You love electronics and you want someone to help you ask for LittleBits. LittleBits is an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets for prototyping, learning and fun. You can teach the basics of how to make circuits, neon signs, timers, and more.Prices starts at $99

Anki Drive

Anki Drive have advanced artificial intelligence in a 3 inch slot car and each of these beast thinks for itself and has only one goal – victory. After watching these little toys in action we saw the future of consumer robotic – Anki Drive. At $150

Filip smartwatch

At the moment most of smartwaches aren’t all that smart, but have one exception. The Filip smartwatch is designed for kids and can be used as location tracker and smartphone, helping to parents track their kids and talk to them. Filip smartwatch is available in AT&T for $199