What can do with an iPhone and iPad that most of the people don’t know ?


1) Fast Recharging
One really helpful feature for fast recharging. Just set your iPhone to airplane mode before start to charge it. The battery will recharge as twice as fast. After 30-40 min. phone will be fully loaded!

2) Free GPS
When you are abroad, you can use Google Maps without using any international data plan. You need to activate one hidden gem – offline maps feature.
To use this feature simply zooming to a map area you want offline in the google maps application and after that typin “ok maps” into the search box. After that your selected map will be available even if you not have internet connection. In the proccess , you should see this dialog:

This little trick works for Android apps, too. One negative thing, you can’t search or route when offline.

3) Deleting numbers in calculator app
If you wish to erase the last digit you inputted, simple swipe across the readout , do not press cancel. This trick is a lifesaver, if you don’t want to start over from the begining.

4) Advanced Selection
1. Tap twice to select whole word.
2. To select whole paragraph, Tap four times on it.
3. To select text, put one finger in the beginning of text, which want to select, and the other in the end and hold for a while.
4. Tap twice in the beginning of text and immediately start dragging pin to extend it. After second tap don’t detach finger.

5) Assistive Touch
If you have a broken top button or couldn’t touch the screen this may help. Just enable Assistive touch from Accessibility settings. After that you will see a big white dot bottom on the screen. Touch it and this will reveals quite a few features.