Which phone is the best Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5s ?


Some of key specs and features of both smartphones

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5c models
– more premium looking
– has a better camera now with larger 8MP sensor, video shoots at 120 frames per second and has a dual flash
– simple, reliable and easy to use
– more secure with Apple ID
– you don’t need anti-virus because apple don’t let you enter sites with virus
– smaller phone – pocketable
– have Siri
– in some benchmark tests iPhone5s is faster

Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy S4
– Larger screen for large hands and better gaming
– Expandable memory for more storage
– Replaceable battery so you can change it and use another for emergency
– Plastic design, but also it’s changeable
– Many features

Choose what you really want to buy.